QR Code Poster With An NFC Tag

Over four thousand interactions were recorded in July for Pearl Media’s interactive crime scene in New York (video below). The 3d store front was designed to promote TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles second season using a QR Code and Blue Bite’s NFC mTAG to provide the consumer with access to a multi-page Police Report (images below). At the end of the report consumers were invited to solve the crime. There was also an interactive video wall using Touch Interactive Technology which provided a similar experience to the mobile website but it is not clear if this mode was included in the total number of interactions.

Screenshot from store front gameAnother screenshot from the police report

3 thoughts on “QR Code Poster With An NFC Tag”

  1. The one thing we wanted to know is the one thing they probably won’t tell us – how many interactions were QR, how many NFC, and how many the wall. Seems to have been a good use of the tech at least!

  2. I really love how this campaign really looked at the whole user experience.

    I scanned the code at 0:46 to get http://www.themtag.com/TNT/QR

    The landing pages are a bit skinny for my phone, but still easy to read, and I am having fun. I apparently am a bad detective, but I clicked through to like them on facebook. So, from my opinion, this was a great integrated media campaign that really used all these “tools” effectively to have me connect with the brand. Great UX.


    Patrick Donnelly

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