QR Code And NFC Tag – A Visual Comparison

One of my favorite sayings in the first half of the year was “Articles comparing NFC with QR Codes are mostly written by people who have no experience of either technology”. There are of course notable exceptions such as Terence Eden’s “The Problem With RFID” which is well worth reading, as is the discussion which follows his blog post. To help newcomers to the debate Chris Ward of Clove Technology has produced a short demonstration video (below) which compares scanning an NFC tag with scanning a QR Code. The video will be of interest to readers who have yet to scan their first NFC tag, which is almost all of us!

2 thoughts on “QR Code And NFC Tag – A Visual Comparison”

  1. Other videos worth watching are:




    There are two major differences (ok, three) between NFC and QR. Proximity is the first. But, the speed of NFC transactions are 2x to 3x faster than QR.

    But, the most important feature is that with NFC a user doesn’t have to focus, pause, concentrate on the effort. It’s a simple extension and gesture, more like a Yield sign than a Stop sign.

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