New in QR Code Management – Microsoft Tag!

Microsoft (along with a few others) continue to perpetuate the myth that direct codes don’t offer the flexibility of indirect codes. Here is a quote from the Microsoft website:

The (Microsoft) Tag system uses a cloud-based back-end that provides access to data that just isn’t possible with earlier QR codes, such as reporting on how frequently and where your Tags are being scanned. In addition, Tags allow you to dynamically change your data source – unlike other 2D codes that are associated with a single, permanent URL, Tags can be updated as frequently as you like to point to new websites, allowing you to reuse campaign materials“.

Not only is this incorrect but there are at least a dozen QR Code management systems in operation that refute the claim on a daily basis.

Now one of them Ventipix has released a new version of VPX QR (their QR Code analytics and campaign manager) that will generate Microsoft Tag images and track Microsoft Tag campaigns with detailed analytics. This enables users to analyze and compare Microsoft Tag campaigns and QR Code campaigns from within the same management platform.

It looks at first glance that the VPX QR analytics are even better than those provided by Microsoft. You can try the new feature by following the demo links on the Ventipix website.

7 thoughts on “New in QR Code Management – Microsoft Tag!”

  1. Am I missing something here?

    Most QR and 2D campaigns resolve to either a mobile web site or a mobile video.

    If your QR or 2D metrics tell you the number of scans, your mobile site or video metrics tell you everything else.

    It might be nice to have redundant information, but, it’s not necessary. In fact, some of the biggest names in QR and 2D provide extremely poor metrics and charge and arm-and-a-leg for it, while site metrics really provide an accurate picture.

  2. Well there are other code applications such as providing contact information or just text to the phone which actually wouldn’t take you to a page. This is where the software would play a role in capturing number of scans, location and even type of phone and carrier.

    I actually just discovered that a prospect of mine actually has an issue with a code that doesn’t have a good URL link on a printed (and expensive) piece that is stuck with that code. The microsoft tag would’ve allowed her to update the URL and avoid the reprint…opportunity for me though!

    Check out to test this type of tracking for free.

  3. In order to really perform analytics on scans of Microsoft Tag you need to use the data from the scan, including geographic location and device ID. That information is available from Tag because Microsoft resolves the scan. Ordinary QR codes do not do this when sent to a web site.

  4. The only problem with this Ventipix thing is that you cannot do any of microsoft’s custom tags. Which to me is incredibly valuable. Also – why would I want to pay $550 to access their “management” program, when MS’s is FREE. Seems like a waste of money in my opinion.

  5. How about the requirements of the “reader”? Seems like (yet again) Microsoft requires a proprietary reader but there are many options for reading QR codes?

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