QR Code from Images

You can create QR Codes using any image you upload for the black squares at Hodade. In the image below I used Smileys to create the QR Code for this site. Hodade also have a QR Code generator where the black squares are composed of the QR Code itself.

QR Code with Smileys as the black squares
QR Code with the QR Code itself making up the dark squares

13 thoughts on “QR Code from Images”

  1. @dean collins I can’t decode the smiley qr code off the screen either, I just tried. I thought I was able to do so when I checked before uploading. Now I am not so sure because I have tried some other images and I can’t decode those either. Bit of a mystery at the moment….

  2. Nokia N95 + i-Nigma reads both.

    They are quite large, so Zoom out with your browser, 75% or 50% works good.

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