Can You Make Mobile Payments With QR Codes?

Intuit have announced a prize winning challange to design a mobile payment system with QR Codes. The $5000 prize will go to an innovator who finds a way to allow consumers to instantly pay by simply scanning the QR code with their mobile device and have both consumer and seller receive immediate confirmation of the payment.

2 thoughts on “Can You Make Mobile Payments With QR Codes?”

  1. Would require a proprietary App that would not read all QR Tags. Security is a massive issue. If you look at the, literally, Million$ of dollars/euros, being poured into NFC payment solutions, you’ll see that his $5K perk is barely worth the effort.

    Even Paypal have a $25K Android app with payment contest going, which could achieve this (tied into Paypal); but, again, it would only be tied to specific QR codes and require a proprietary app to read them and interact with the device and payment gateway.

    Intuit should coin-in themselves some real money if they want a solution.

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