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QR Code to report anti-social behaviour in GloucesterAccording to local newspaper The Citizen QR Codes are now being used to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the City of Gloucester. The QR Code is linked directly to a form where people can report incidents of ASB and the code will be used on letters mailed to residents of the whole county. The originator of the project said: “I don’t think anyone else in the country is using a QR Code in the same way we are, but I don’t know why not”. Well there is an answer to that question – it’s because the form you are using (see screenshot below) will never be completed by anyone using a smartphone. Suggestion – before implementing a mobile form please read UX designer Robert Brauer’s excellent “Removing Stumbling Blocks In Mobile Forms“.

Screenshot of the ASB reporting form

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Just like it is not the fault of the phone when none calls, it is not the fault of the QR Code if no one fills up a humongous desktop form on their phone.

    For this use case, a mobile form with photo integration could actually be much better than the desktop version.

    So easy to just scan code or visit bookmark: fill mobile form, attach photos & location and done!

    Mobile is not a smaller version of desktop, we need to re-think the interaction.

    In this case it would probably make sense to optimize the mobile reporting for on-the spot reporting to capture photo/videos, timestamp, location and the contact details. Later an email can be sent requesting additional details as needed.

    See this to get an idea of what it could have been:

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