A QR Code Hypnotist, a World Record That Isn’t and an MS Tag Xmas Card

A miscellanea of news items this weekend including:

The image below (left) is on the website of Mr Ricky Allen, QR Code Hypnotist who wants you to give him $21 to read his words of wisdom that will enable you to “…Discover These Secret Mind Controlling Tools TODAY And Use These Proven Methods Immediately To Guarantee That Anyone And Everyone Scans YOUR QR Codes Time After Time”. Sounds irresistible 🙂

According to a Japanese press article a shopping mall in Hamamatsu Japan has had a 11.5 m square QR Code ratified as a Guinness World Record (image below right). This is very strange because there have been much larger QR Codes in the past including this recent QR Code on a roof in Charlotte, NC that is at least twice the size.

QR Code hypnotist image and a QR Code so called record

Bret daCosta known for his extreme Microsoft Tag art has produced a Xmas card that at first glance is not even recognizable as a barcode, but it works and resolves to a Xmas message.

MS Tag Xmas card

11 December, 2011 Edit: Image size reduced.

5 thoughts on “A QR Code Hypnotist, a World Record That Isn’t and an MS Tag Xmas Card”

  1. The biggest thing is loosing interest for me. After a certain size, they loose their purpose to really be scanned.

    I get the novelty of being biggest and smallest, but maybe scale can be used as a reveal instead of a statistic.

    Plus- isnt the AUDI video bigger then this one?

  2. Woha.. It is way to big. Steve I can assure you it scans with all phones when properly displayed. Patrick, I was not attempting to make it the largest.. It will still scan at .5 x 1.5″ or up to 10’x30′ since you mentioned it.. d
    FYI. There is an updated Tag App that scans Tags much better than the previous release. http://gettag.mobi

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