QR Code Management Systems

Up to date list of QR Code management systems (also look in the comments section).

AzonMobile Sophisticated QR Code tracking and management system with an API (Application Program Interface) option.

Beqrious QR Code Tracking System

Dare2Scan Analytics PHP web application analyses QR Code traffic, mobile traffic from social networks, search engines, ad networks, SMS and Email. Available as a white label product.

Delivr Create QR Codes for URLs, Tweets, foursquare Check-ins, iPhone App Store Downloads, Android Market Downloads, Google Analytics Campaigns etc., in PNG, EPS, or SVG formats and track with activity maps.

Kishkee QR Code management and analytics, mobile site builder and mobile coupons. Free version and paid starting at $7.95/month

MyTAGG Includes a powerful mobile page editor with widgets system.

OpenQR QR Code based interactive marketing hub with advanced analytics management

QReate & Track Create QR Codes (one-at-a time or in bulk) and then track their effectiveness. There is a free option for creating codes only and a range of prices based on the number of QR Codes that you create and track each month.

QRinkle Analytics, Location Information, A/B Testing, Code Expiration and Bulk Code Import. Free account option.

QRme QR Code Campaign Management

QRpro Signing up for an account is free and uses a pay per engagement (scan) pricing model

QR-Server QR code management.

ScanLife 14 day free trial with prices starting at $50/month for small businesses.

SmartyTags Create, Track and Management with Cincinnati Zoo as one of their users. Free trial available.

TAGGINN Create and track QR Codes or Microsoft TAGs with comprehensive analytics. There is a free package available.

TAGO 2D barcode management and analytics system.

Ventipix QR Code Analytics & Campaign Manager

12 thoughts on “QR Code Management Systems”

  1. Do these companies provide tools that are used to build your own CMS or do these companies provide CMS as a service?

  2. @Andrew These companies provide a QR Code management service. The content that the code resolves to would be the client’s responsibility. Is that what you meant?

  3. @Nick Like it says at the top “…it’s very much work in progress so feedback would as always be welcome”.

    Apart from a listing what would you like to see here? Free trial available, cost, special features…???

  4. hey Roger, great collection of names.

    i think it’s time to put up a table with this information comparing features/pricing etc.

    Untiol a QR vendor offers direct codes though i’m always going to reccomend direct code creation and the use of dns redirection to track analytics.

  5. Another great. brand new QR code solution AND mobile website builder (linking QR codes to the mobile website you create) — Qfuse (www.qfuse.com).

    Worth adding to your list!

  6. Looking for a QR code management tool to create qr codes, tag online e-learning files with a qr code, track how often the qr code (file)is accessed, and lastley, need an easy way to file and identify the the qr codes.

    Can someone help me?

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