Is This The Worlds First Botanical QR Code?

A botanical QR Code has been grown in a temporary garden located in Place Stanislas, Nancy, France (image below). 1,700 plants were used in its construction over an area of 43 square feet. The QR Code resolves to a mobile page with information about the garden and events in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apparently the best place to scan the code is from the balcony of City Hall!

Close  up of the QR Code made with plants
View from the City Hall balcony of the botanical QR Code

2 thoughts on “Is This The Worlds First Botanical QR Code?”

  1. Hey, we made one out of bologna – that’s gotta count for something…plus it is a really great usage of bologna because there is no way I would ever eat it. Cheers, Kim 🙂

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