QR Code Love Padlocks

Cheil Germany have created a clever QR Code campaign (video below) for the United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN). DGVN wanted to highlight the plight of the 60 million women worldwide who are are victims of forced marriages.

For several years sweethearts have been attaching love padlocks to the fence between the sidewalk and the tracks on Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne. The agency added 3,500 combination locks to the bridge representing women trapped in a forced marriage. Each padlock had a QR Code which when scanned resolved to a mobile site that gave people the opportunity to donate and then receive the number code to open the lock and ‘free a woman’. Several social media functions were included.

Almost all locks were opened within three days and donations for the UN trust fund to end violence against women increased by 279%. The agency say that 570,000 people got involved on social media channels and media reach was a total of 5.3 million. So successful was the campaign that it is being taken to other love padlock locations around the world.

The Hohenzollern Bridge love padlocks
A QR Coded love padlock

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