Final LOST and First Designer QR Code on TV

24, May 2010 I put the QR Code and a video of the ad in a new post, True Blood QR Code.

Warbasse Design is pushing the boundaries with the first designer code in a TV ad. They were selected by HBO to design the QR Code which will run in a TV ad promoting season three of True Blood. The ad is a 30 second spot which airs on Sunday May 23rd during ABC’s last episode of LOST. Warbasse Design’s partner SET Japan acted as consultants throughout the design process and when scanned the QR Code resolves to a video clip for fans of the series. Interestingly the QR Code appears for only a few seconds and is intended to make use of DVR devices like TIVO which will allow the commercial to be frozen in order to scan the code.

Designer QR Code

22, May 2010 The above graphic is not the one used in the original post because the ad agency PHD emailed me to say that a portion of the image was not authorized for release. The original image was in fact an excellent teaser but PHD obviously prefer to stick to their plans rather than see an opportunity.

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  1. This is very exciting. A QR code on TV during prime time! I hope there will be some results published regarding the response rate. I’m very interested to see how this is received.

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