How Long Can A QR Code Live For? have provided the first ever longevity statistics on a QR Code that I have seen (image below). I wrote about HarperCollins placing a QR Code on the book jacket for L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad just over three years ago. Today’s results of the longitudinal study shows the campaign is still going strong and currently averaging around 500 unique scans every month. HarperTeen’s have published the book in different regions of the world with multiple versions of the QR Code printed on the book jacket but they all drove back to the same mobile site using the platform. Hence the ability to produce this kind of data.

Longitudinal QR Code statistics

3 thoughts on “How Long Can A QR Code Live For?”

  1. Hopefully BBDO and Diageo have seen this 😉

    It’s interesting and encouraging to see that people are still scanning the code on a regular basis. But then books tend to be around for the long term, whereas other printed material (magazines, leaflets, posters, etc) have a much shorter life. So should all QR Codes be left live for the long term?

  2. Great to see QR’s are still encouraging. Just a comment from above I had a bottle of Bulmers Cider last weekend which had a QR code, tried it out, and didn’t work! Shows if you are going to use them, think about potential shelf life! 🙂

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