London Tourist Attractions Visited By A Promotional QR Code

A large QR Code has been appearing at London’s most famous tourist attractions this week (images below). The organizers of QR World Expo are hoping to raise awareness of QR Codes around the capital and promote the world’s first QR Code exhibition to be held in London later this year. The QR Code resolves via a short URL to the QR World Expo website where visitors can register their interest for the event.

A QR Code in the shadow of Big Ben and on a London underground train
A QR Code in front of the London Eye and some telephone boxes

2 thoughts on “London Tourist Attractions Visited By A Promotional QR Code”

  1. Great idea, I love it! But if you don’t use the security white zone around the code, you won’t always be able to scan it! This is QR code 101 guys!

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