QR Code Lockers For Commuters

Swiss Federal Railways (SSB) have introduced the ‘SBB GoodBox’, an innovative ordering and delivery service (images below). Goods ordered with the SBB GoodBox app before 10.00am can be collected from the lockers after 4.30pm on the same day using a QR Code generated by the app to open the locker. Currently the lockers are available at three main line stations, Zurich, Berne and Wylerpark. SBB has recently partnered with LeShop the Swiss market leader in online sales of food. Commuters can now order their groceries on the way to work and collect them on the way home. LeShop says the share of purchases from mobile devices has increased from 21% to 31% year on year.

Lockers at the train station used to collect groceries
Access to the lockers is with a QR Code

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