QR Code Location Based Print Ad

Café Joe, a chain of coffee houses in Israel, is using location based newspaper ads with a QR Code (image below) to lead readers to a free cup of coffee. Scanning the code gives the user mapping directions to the nearest branch where they can redeem a coupon for a free cup of coffee and finish reading their paper (video below). The recent Tim Hortons QR Code coffee cup sleeve was also a Y&R campaign although not Y&R Israel.

Newspaper ad with a QR Coded coffee

3 thoughts on “QR Code Location Based Print Ad”

  1. A store locator behind a QR Code? It’s been been done one hundred times before. You may as well write about Bed Bath and Beyond – they have used this technology for a couple years. My firm created a GEO-BASED code. Scan it and your location is automatically detected, directing you to stores in the area – http://www.print2d.com/geo/geo.shtml One code for the entire world!


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