QR Code Jenga Teaches Fractions

I first wrote about teachers using QR Codes almost exactly 4 years ago when Jarrod Robinson a physical education teacher in Victoria, Australia invented QR Code orienteering and later helped his students learn the major bones of the human skeleton with the aid of QR Codes. Since then there have been many imaginative uses of QR Codes in the classroom by inspirational teachers but I particularly like Tabitha Carro’s recent use of Jenga blocks to teach fourth graders fractions.

She created labels for the 54 blocks each with a simple question on fractions accompanied by a QR Code. The students work in small groups building a tower one block at a time. Students take it in turns to select a block from the pool, solve the problem and tell the answer to the group. Scanning the QR Code provides the correct answer and if the student has got it right the block can be used. If they have got it wrong the block is returned to the pool. The game continues until all 54 blocks are incorporated into a tower. Full details and a link to print the labels are on Tabitha’s blog.

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