QR Code on Southbay Beach Scarborough

I received a great email from Anthony Springall who is blogger for this year’s Digital Scarborough 2010.

On Saturday 13th February I created a large QR Code in the sands of the Southbay Beach Scarborough UK.

Utensils included four sticks, a length of gardening twine, a toasting fork from the fire hearth and a 7inch cake tin from the local cake decorating shop and a print out of the QR Code that resolves to http://digitalscarborough.org inside a plastic sleeve to protect it from the weather….

The tide was already well on the ebb when I got down to the beach at around 9:30am, the best vantage point of the Spa Bridge was closed due to maintenance so I had to create the code further along and nearer to the Scarborough Spa Complex. Not the ideal location for scanning the QR Code as the angle of viewing isn’t as steep, but at least people could view it on their way to and from the Spa.

I created the grid first by turning over and pressing the cake tin into the sand and marking out rows and columns of outlined squares 29 by 29 …towards the end I noticed there was some slight distortion happening but it was looking square enough…The gridding out had taken quite a while, and was mostly done on the knees…which were now damp and soggy.

Picking up the toasting fork and the ‘weather-proofed’ print out of the QR Code I started to mark the pattern. I used the fork like a mini rake to rough up the sand in each square that needed to be dark. Professional photographer David Ruston at this point arrived with a bulging backpack which contained a couple of posh cameras, a Hasselblad using film and a fujifilm finepix s5 pro using CompactFlash so I passed him my pocket compact Sony W200 and asked if he knew how to use it.. heheheee

Some time and several passing showers later the code was complete.

Comments from beach walkers… “What is it?”, “are you a cubist artist?”, “…don’t give up your day job..”, “Do you know what he’s doing?”, “is it a chess board?”, “It’s a pretty pattern, what does it represent?”. As you can tell, awareness of QR Codes isn’t widespread amongst the average visiter to Scarborough Southbay Beach :D.

I’ll create another one next week and see if this reaction to the QR Code changes…after all a week is a long time in this quickly responding digital age.

Beach QR Code at Scarborough

As the temperature was only a few degrees above zero there was no bikini clad model as featured in a previous beach QR Code!

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