I Am Number Four Trailer QR Code

The first official movie trailer for DreamWorks upcoming teen sci-fi thriller “I Am Number Four” (video below) has been released with an embedded QR Code. The code right at the end of the trailer resolves to additional footage with director D.J. Caruso outlining the story.


4 thoughts on “I Am Number Four Trailer QR Code”

  1. OK, a 01:54 Trailer (long), and :03 seconds at end, requiring User to pause. The YouTube version means having to open full screen to get an image sized up. And, after Beetagg and Scanlife both failed to resolve, I gave up.

    PLUS – If you have my attention watching a video online, why do I have to migrate to mobile, to watch another video? That is the last thing I want on my mobile.

    There are so many potentially clever uses of QR with film and television that lead to really unique mobile experiences, it’s remarkable how poor these early campaigns are.

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