Halloween Pumpkin QR Code

Can anyone better Marc Hindley’s QR Code Halloween Pumpkin from 2010 (image below)? I had a go this year and had to give up when the unfinished QR Code disintegrated and left just a large hole. My arts and crafts skills are non-existent and the best thing for me about carving a pumpkin is roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds afterwards 🙂 Send me a picture of your QR Coded Halloween Pumpkin and I will post it here…

Halloween pumpkin carved with a QR Code

3 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin QR Code”

  1. @Emily Pumpkins are supposed to be carved not painted! Even I could paint a QR Code on a pumpkin, probably better than you looking at your picture 🙂

  2. @Emily said she used spray paint, credit where credit is due spray painting uses aerosols not a paint brush so your restricted on detail.

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