Did The Ad Agency Make It All Up?

August 10, 2011 Update: I have received a response to my email requesting clarification from Terry Savage, Chairman of Cannes Lions International Festival as follows: “We have now conducted extensive conversations with both Cheil and the client and are full satisfied that the entry fulfilled our entry criteria”.

The South Korean weekly news magazine Hankyoreh 21 is claiming that the virtual grocery store in a subway station that we reported on in June was never actually operated. These claims seem to be based on a statement from Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation which says the QR Code display was mounted at Hangangjin Station on Seoul Subway’s Line 6, filmed for two and a half hours and then removed. If this is true then the advertising agency will have some difficulty explaining its claim that Homeplus online sales rose by 130%.

Subway station QR Code grocery store

2 thoughts on “Did The Ad Agency Make It All Up?”

  1. I really hope this wasn’t a hoax, but whatever the case there are still some concepts here that have serious potential for anyone with an e-commerce site, anyone with same-day shipping, etc. If it hasn’t been done, someone SHOULD be doing this!

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