QR Code Shopping at the Subway Station

Virtak grocery store in a Korean subway stationA virtual grocery store in a subway station in Seoul, South Korea with products labeled with QR Codes has increased online sales by 130% for Tesco Homeplus.

The virtual display is exactly the same as in the actual stores but the QR Code allows shoppers returning home from work to place the items in a virtual basket, checkout and pay. Simply scanning the QR code places the product in the online cart and when users have completed their online shopping it is delivered to their door just after they get home. This great idea comes from Cheil Worldwide South Korea’s largest advertising agency.

And yes, all subway stations in Seoul have wi-fi, so do some of the trains!

5 thoughts on “QR Code Shopping at the Subway Station”

  1. Interesting use of QR code but shopping food items online is very risky(expiry dates, storage temperature etc). The touch and feel of what you buy before you eat is something very important to humans nature. This technology sounds promising for other commodities. However for edible it is not a sustainable solution.

  2. I think this is a great implementation. It. . .

    1. is a mobile campaign
    2. is culturally relevant
    3. is fun
    4. adds value to the consumers experience ( day )

    To discuss a larger topic, I think its interesting HOW they are connecting things to the net. We usually use the buzz term “offline to online” but in this case, we are actually going “virtual offline, to online, back to offline ( sent to your home”. Great call to action and delivery of value.


  3. This is very creative and cool. Not only is it aesthetically nice, I think we can all agree that waiting for a train after work is not a favorite past time. It doesn’t have to be about shopping, either. Think about how fun and interactive QR Code technology can be. You could teach yourself things while waiting in lines or for trains, go on cyber-treasure hunts, make scannable jokes…There is such a thing as a good use of time with technology, after all. Nicely done Tesco.

  4. Mobile Content is increasing at an alarming rate and with QR scanners so widely available today, I dont think we have even scratched the surface yet for what QR capabilities can used for.

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