Google Chart Server API generates QR Codes

Google Chart API now generates QR Codes. Simply choose the size in pixels of your barcode and the url you wish to encode. I chose 300 x 300 and as the url. Inserting these in the required url format gives:

Which when you paste it into your browser address bar produces this:

QR Code generated by Google Charts API

8 thoughts on “Google Chart Server API generates QR Codes”

  1. yep this has been out for a few week s now, only wish it was configured to encode more than just url’s

    until then it’s really just a neat trick.

    i keep wondering what google is really up when it comes to qr codes.

    if they wanted to make this happen they could roll out really effective tools with less than a few hundred developer hours (so in other words less than a weeks time for a small google team).

    …..what are you delaying for google?


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