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There are quite a few QR Code generators online. Some of them like Barcode Maker simply cosmeticize the Google Chart API while others like ZXing have full MECARD encoding. Here are the best examples:

QR Code and 2D Code Generator
Kerem Erkan has produced an excellent QR Code, Micro QR Code, Datamatrix and Aztec Code
generator with many interesting features including URL shortening.

Configure size, version, error correction etc., and save as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, XAML, SVG, EPS or all in a ZIP file.

Online Barcode Generator
Generates QR Codes and almost all other known barcode types, error correction and EPS download available.

Jason Delport’s Create QR Code
User interface for the Google Chart API with 500px x 500px maximum size.

50px x 50px images can be inserted in the code and output can be saved as gif or pdf.

QR Codes and Datamatrix codes at small, medium and large sizes.

One size but generates a QR Code and a Datamarix Code simultaneously.

Select encoding mode, multiple colors and upload background graphic.

Any color background or modules and many other options.

QReate & Track
Includes iCalendar and vCard formats and an option for real-time reporting.

QR Stuff
Lots of options here including color, batch printing with Avery label compatibility and send by email.

Can specify error correction levels.

Informatix QR-Code Generator
Allows different colours and shapes to be applied to the QR Code data blocks including the overlay of readable text and images. Displays the validity of the QR Code indicating if it is likely to be successfully scanned or not.

Visual QR Code generator, turn any image into a QR Code.

The QR Code Generator
Chrome app.

Includes encoding in MECARD format.

Stand alone Decoder and Encoder

The only known online Micro QR Code Generators are Kerem Erkan’s, TEC-IT and Terry Burton’s Online Barcode Generator.

64 thoughts on “QR Code Generators Online”

  1. http://aporter.org/qr/

    Requires Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+, or Android 4+.
    Has textured surfaces, a 3d-like drop-shadow, and rounded corners. Very slick.
    For larger codes, includes a logo section you can change if you have an svg editor.
    Works entirely in your browser, so your codes aren’t sent to the server.
    SVG output. Full disclosure, I made it.

  2. http://qrartist.net

    This generator is easy to use and you can customize colours and add a relatively large-size logo onto the qr-code compared to other generators. Easily links to URLs, text messages, videos, contact info, or a vcard too. There’s also an internal scanner that automatically makes sure that your code is usable.

    Really great for branding and doing something different from the status quo.

  3. Free online QR generation tool using open source QrCode.Net library. Clean interface with most automatic options to combine the smallest matrix with the highest error correction level.
    The service is updated regularly and provides an API for professional needs.
    Artistic QR codes are in restricted beta test, coming soon.

  4. There is one QR code generator that is missing here, the Unitag free generator for DESIGN QR codes! It’s truly one of the best! It’s simple to use and the resultas are really nice. I’ve done a lot of QR codes with it and it’s worth trying, especially if you want to use several colors or your logo etc. They have other interesting apps on http://www.unitag.io Has anybody tried it already?

  5. “The only known online Micro QR Code Generators are Kerem Erkan’s and TEC-IT.”

    My Online Barcode Generator (based on Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript) has always supported Micro QR Code generation. http://www.terryburton.co.uk/barcodewriter/generator/

    I have just amended the interface to make Micro QR Code generator more explicit rather than as a feature of QR Code.

    Updating the text quoted above would be appreciated.

    All the best!

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