QR Code Fuel Pump Stickers

The Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) new compulsory fuel pump sticker was issued yesterday showing how to file a complaint about the pump, the fuel or an expired registration. In addition H-E-B Fuel Locations are participating in a pilot program with similar stickers that contain a QR Code (image below). The QR Code resolves to a TDA mobile site that allows users to see the inspection history at that location or to file a complaint. The TDA says it will analyze the feedback and usage from the stations in the pilot program before deciding whether to expand the QR Code stickers statewide. I am reminded of New York City’s requirement for the display of QR Coded building permits allowing users to access information held by the State and to report violations. This has to be a welcome trend for consumers.

Texas Department of Agriculture QR Code pump sticker
Texas Department of Agriculture mobile site menuTexas Department of Agriculture mobile site location page
Texas Department of Agriculture mobile site complaint history page

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