Large QR Code Freeway Sign Sticker Appears

A 16 foot square QR code sticker has appeared on the Vineyard Boulevard exit sign on the H-1 freeway in Honolulu (image below). Apparently Hawaii Department of Transportation officials are upset at what they say is another act of vandalism linked to local clothing and video company UDOWN. According to a local newspaper a DOT spokesman said “Whoever gets stuck in traffic Monday morning as we take that thing down, they can thank the idiots who put it up there”. In my view anyone stuck in traffic is more likely to blame the DOT for choosing Monday morning and not taking it down in the middle of Sunday night.

Large QR Code freeway sign sticker in Honolulu

2 thoughts on “Large QR Code Freeway Sign Sticker Appears”

  1. I’ve seen that picture a couple times now and I thought to myself that it looked photoshopped. The story behind it though made me second guess that.

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