QR Code Fortune Cookies

Patrick Donnelly of QR Arts, one of the most fertile minds in the QR Code space (Shoe Sole QR Code, QR Code Desk Lamp, Store Front QR Code Design etc., etc.) has produced 12 limited edition silkscreen prints (image below). They show a large fortune cookie on a QR Code background. The main QR Code resolves to a website showing a dynamically generated fortune cookie message and each scan provides a different user experience. The print wallpaper background decodes to an interactive twitter hashtag search for the term #qrcode. Patrick tells me that you will be able to buy his fortune cookies soon, watch this space!

QR Code silkscreen print

4 thoughts on “QR Code Fortune Cookies”

  1. Nice work Patrick – as usual!

    I scanned the main QR right from the image above and got a fortune, no problem. The only thing I would say is the landing page would look good with a cookie image behind…

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