QR Code Flour

Roberto Lacchini from integrated marketing communications agency Pagina emailed me about one of their interesting QR Code projects:

One of our clients is launching a series of new products. These are legume and cereal flours that can be used as a base for many recipes, from starters to desserts. Within their market, product innovation is hard to achieve so we decided to focus on providing added value through other media, so that’s where QR Codes come in. The products have been endorsed by Chef Fabrizio Mantovani, a popular Chef from the Italian version of “Ready Steady Cook” or “La Prova del Cuoco” and he has created 12 original recipes for the products. We thought that the recipes could be made available to consumers at the very moment they pick the products off the supermarket shelf, so we put a QR Code directly on the package. This code resolves to a mobile site (which is embedded in a specially designed microsite) which shows all the recipes and can be used as a shopping list for all the ingredients one needs for a certain recipe. Consumers can also access the microsite (which is dedicated to the products) directly from the mobile site.

The project sites are not live yet but in a few days they will be viewable at microsite and mobilesite.

QR Code on flour box packaging

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