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Most of us enjoy downloading interesting content from the Internet on to our mobile phones. These are mainly funny video clips or interesting songs/ring tones, not necessarily produced by famous artists but rather, composed by creative individuals who showcase their skills and talent on the Internet .

The most common way of downloading these mobile entertainment content is first downloading it to our computers, then converting it to a compatible format, and finally transferring it to the phone using the phone’s software. This method has it’s limitation in that you would need to install the phone’s software on every computer that you use to browse the Internet from, before transferring the content to your phone. You would then have to convert the files to a format compatible with the phone, a rather tedious process.

The alternative common method is to use a text messaging service, where a user texts a given number then receives a link to download the content. From a typical users point of view, this method adds additional costs. They are first charged for the text message, then charged for the content, and finally charged for the data transfer.

All these time consuming processes and unnecessary additional costs that users incur can be overcome by using a simple QR code. All a user has to do is scan the QR code shown, click the decoded link, and they are taken to a page where they can make an informed decision about the product they wish to purchase, before actually downloading it. For those without a QR code reader installed on their phones, all they have to do is simply open their mobile phone’s browser, and type the text link shown.

The composers of these content get to earn money from selling their content. These players have been integrated with major checkouts like Bango, Google Checkout and PayPal, giving users the option to choose the Checkout vendors that they are acquainted with. The composers of these mobile contents can either embed these players on their websites or have it hosted for them. It’s as simple as that! Anyone can use these free flash players!

Useful links that show these players in use: Audio, Video and Paper.

Audio Screen Shots:

Screen shot of audio player

Video Screen Shots:

Screen shot of video player

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