Fishing With QR Codes

While London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant ‘Yoobi‘ takes shape behind a brightly painted hoarding passers by are invited to go fishing, with the help of QR Codes. Black fish have been stuck on the hoarding, each bearing their own QR code and passers by are encouraged to ‘fish’ for free Temaki by scanning the QR Codes with their smartphone. Every code reveals a different message, which can be read upon scanning, ranging from Temaki winning messages such as “Well done, you’ve caught the freshest fish around” to “Unlucky, your fish escaped”. Winners are able to download a voucher which they can present at the restaurant during the first two weeks of opening, which is in March. ico Design who devised the game say that although the physical codes and the placement of the fish remain the same, they change the messages that are generated by each of the codes. This means that the game can be kept fresh and people can play (and win!) more than once. An unlucky fish one day might prove a winner the next.

Hording with a QR Code game

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