The World’s First QR Code Film Festival

QR Codes have been used before at film festivals for promotion and advertising but tomorrow sees the start of the world’s first “QR Code Film Festival”. The festival is organized in Korea only thru July 21-31 (Asia-pacific Time / GMT + 9:00) and will take place anywhere in the world where there is internet access, smartphone users and access to the film festival poster (image below). Scanning one of the QR Codes will show a short animation movie from YouTube and there will be a choice of 14 different films. The organizers would like anyone who is interested in participating to print the poster (downloadable PDF) and display it at a suitable venue. They would also like to receive feedback and images at to help them organize and promote the 2012 QR Code Film Festival.

Poster for the world's first QR Code Film Festival

only thru July 21-31 (Asia-pacific Time / GMT + 9:00)

One thought on “The World’s First QR Code Film Festival”

  1. Love this ! will, RT

    Patrick Donnelly

    I was exploring a similar pitch last year that explored a more systematic pitch to bring galleries into the public. It was more of a hub and spoke model though.

    The beauty of mobile tags is that art now can really be in the public, and video in particular can be streamed wherever wimax or wifi is available. I really hope that these get posted around bus stops and public transportation. I think the user experience of scanning a movie qr code while getting onto a bus, and then watching it while you are on the local bus could be really entertaining. Data permitting. I hope this campaign does really well. Thanks for sharing Roger.


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