File Transfer Between Mobile Devices Using QR Codes

Moving files between mobile devices normally involves USB cables or messing around with email attachments. Now a new company Scansfer has come up with the idea for an app that securely uploads files to and then generates a private download key in the form of a QR Code. The QR code can then be scanned from any other mobile device to instantly download the uploaded file. Currently available for free on the Android Marketplace with releases for iPhone and other mobile platforms also planned. Screen shots and video below.

Screenshots of the Scansfer app

2 thoughts on “File Transfer Between Mobile Devices Using QR Codes”

  1. Gr8 idea – but what will the cost be with it usage. Where does the company make its money?

  2. Zimba and HooK from iDar Tech have been doing this on the iPhone for quite some time!

    They support video/photo/music/calendar/contact files and integrate nicely with Facebook and Dropbox.

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