Call Yourself A QR Code Expert?

In a recent introduction I was referred to as a “QR Code expert” which I have always considered to be a non sequitur. After all, the great thing about QR Codes is that they can be used effectively by anyone who follows the three basic rules which, even if you have never seen one before, can be learnt in three minutes. We don’t have “boiled egg experts” or “falling off logs experts” because either you can or you can’t, so why would you call yourself a QR Code expert? Yes, lots of people do, take this Google search for QR Code experts on LinkedIn for example.

The reality is that your QR Code campaign is only as good as the value of its destination and the code itself is simply a way of getting there.

The comic strip below is reproduced with the express permission of Brad Colbow.

Brad Colbow comic strip about QR Codes

6 thoughts on “Call Yourself A QR Code Expert?”

  1. And yet there are so many of them on LinkedIn…

    Good point that, unfortunately, needed to be made. You can be a marketing expert (although, if you refer to yourself that way you’re probably not) who uses QR Codes, but you can’t be a QR Code expert – ridiculous.

  2. While I agree with the not using QRCode expert concept I am going to disagree with the “boiled egg expert” analogy. Because reality is yes everyone can boil an egg, but can the do it well? Some brake, some are hard, some too soft… QRCode campaigns are the same, the execution can be poor like pointing the code to a 6MB pdf to download.. Mobile friendly. “NOT” So maybe the term is no good but what do you call people that understand how to run and track an effective QRCode campaign? “QRCode campaign expert” ?

  3. Damn – I knew that analogizing with boiled eggs was risky 🙂

    Calling yourself a “QR Code campaign expert” is ok I guess if that’s what you really are…

  4. Interesting piece. Run from so called experts, they usually are experts in taking your money and not in the actual subject.

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