QR Code Awareness And Usage In East Asia

GMO Japan Market Intelligence surveyed 4,000 smartphone owners over the age of 19 in four major East Asian countries on their use of QR Codes . The survey of 1,000 users in each country; Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan was conducted in the first two weeks of February 2012.

Awareness was high with an average of 94.1% knowing about QR Codes; Japan (96.6%), South Korea (95.3%), Taiwan (92.5%) and China (92.1%).

Of those that knew about QR Codes most had seen them on websites (62.8% average) and least on outdoor advertising (28.2% average) with some regional variation (see chart below). I imagine the website observations are almost all for downloading apps.

Why they had scanned QR Codes was interesting, confirming the usual top two reasons, for a coupon/promotion and to have more information on a product. Surprising to me was that an average of 17.9% had used a QR Code to purchase an item but with China way ahead at 37.2% (see chart below).

Chart showing East Asian QR Code statistics (where seen)
Chart showing East Asian QR Code statistics (why scanned)

2 thoughts on “QR Code Awareness And Usage In East Asia”

  1. Very interesting and surprising insights, is it possible to find the detailed study results somewhere as it seem impossible to find the source from GMO Japan Market Intelligence ! I do believe these 2 questions weren’t the only ones !

    Thanks a lot

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