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Metro the UK’s free newspaper for commuters always contains a few ads with QR Codes and this one for JJB Sports caught my eye. The £10 off coupon has a bitly QR Code which means we can see the scan history (image below). On the day of publication there were 76 scans. How many of these resulted in a purchase and how many physical coupons were presented at the stores would be an interesting comparative statistic. But with the Metro’s readership of 3-4 million/day this does not have the initial appearance of a successful campaign. Obviously I have my own views but what do you think could have been done to make it more of a success?

Bitly stats showing number of QR Code scans in one day
QR Code discount coupon

6 thoughts on “Improve This QR Code Discount Coupon”

  1. The code should have been printed onto the advert not the voucher, with the text scar 4 offer as the technology is still new.Also the QR code should have been included in the list of “Call to action” icons at the bottom of the advert as it is clearly a main route to access.
    I adore QR Codes,their potential in the right hands is unlimited…lets get clever

  2. I would have emphasized the QR, eliminated the barcode and name tag,and had an instruction scan to save, scan for free money, and included an icon of a mobile phone scanning possibly recommend a scan app, a lot of wasted space.

  3. First look remove the QR Code all together!


    Because you have given me a coupon that says $10 off if I spend $50 so in this AD it suggests go to the shop to me.

    Now interestingly while I was typing I saw the offer available online and off? (Too small writing and the scissors suggest cut out and go in store) The pink coupon takes up all the attention and the QR Code is just some more black stuff in amongst everything.

    OK as I write I like it less and less and really this coupon all up has way to much information on it, giving users way to much choice with the eyes.

    I would suggest simplify it.

    In all my comments I don’t fully understand the reasons behind the campaign and what they are trying to do.

  4. It looks to me like they were doing a coupon promotion and thought they would also add a QR code. If they really wanted to try QR they shouldn’t have had a paper coupon at all, just use the code and tell people to scan it. This would work for people who know what it is and would probably have had a higher strike rate. Alternatively with the same argument, don’t use a coupon but provide a URL to a page that explains what the QR is, how to use it.

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