QR Code Desk Lamp

Following on from his great idea of putting a QR Code on the sole of a shoe Patrick Donnelly has now made an excellent looking QR Code desk lamp. Genius!

QR Code desk lamp

7 thoughts on “QR Code Desk Lamp”

  1. better still if the code is static can it be controlled as a redirection to soemthing else buy the end purchaser – eg have it divert to your blog, your vcf card, a sms to your cell number etc etc.

    using the end destination point makes more sense than changing the qr code.

  2. Hi, right now I am having to produce and assemble them individually.

    @Josh909: Yes, the code can be programmed with any data the customer provides.

    @Dean : Yes, I agree that if you can it makes sense to link QRs to dyanamic urls, but for this version I was programming in simple words like “LOVE”, “peace”, etc. Just things that would blend in with generic ikea styles.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Love the project. Bravo.

    What’s the issue/solution of sustainability for links that QR codes rely on when “permanent” like your lamp or a code that’s installed in sidewalk or building cornerstone. How can that be assured?

    I’m thinking esp in terms of an audio file or artist’s web site that’s linked to the code.

    Is it a matter of relying on the longevity of the hosting service for the audio file (archive.org or cinchcast.com), for instance or google maps?

    Thanks to anyone with insight here.

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