QR Code Currency

Brandon Wiley has created an ATM machine for the Austin Time Exchange Network complementary currency using QR codes. Using Tom Brown’s OAuth and the OSCurrency API they are currently working together on making the process resistant to counterfeiting. You can read the technical details here P2P Money with App Engine, OAuth, and QR Codes. The QR Code in the picture (I put in the currency background) decodes to http://www.austintimemachine.org/deposit?serial=OSC-8c3bfed307d38e5a8b1fd1397c262aac78dd5dd3 but you will need an authenticated ID to cash it in!

QR Code currency

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  1. In Las Vegas they have already replaced the buckets of coins with print outs with a bar code that can be cashed later or inserted into a different machine. I am sure they have the counterfeiting/tampering problem totally solved. I wouldn’t be surprosed if they started using QR Codes too.

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