The World’s Smallest Art Gallery QR Code

Store rents in Hong Kong shopping malls can top $2,000 a square foot which makes it difficult for the next generation of entrepreneurial store owners to fund startup costs. Enter the Cube Store a one foot square retail space which aids budding store owners and also attracts consumers (image below).

Ad agency Grey Hong Kong rented a cube store for fingernail paint brand Ice Gel and commissioned an artist to paint on acrylic fingernails. These were then displayed in the cube store as “The World’s Smallest Art Gallery” (images below). A QR Code linked to Ice Gel’s website generated 24,000 page views. New bookings increased by 10% at their flagship salon and telephone enquiries went up by 30%.

Cube stores in Choi Ming Shopping Centre Hong Kong
The smallest art gallery in the world in a cube store
The smallest art gallery in the world and QR Code in closeup

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