QR Code From Seeds

Minnesota State Fair crop art (or seed art) category this year has a QR Code exhibit from Mark Dahlager, Director of Exhibit Design and Development at the Science Museum of Minnesota (images below). The QR Code resolves to a short video showing seed varieties used by seed artists in their work. I must admit I was not aware of seed art and if you are the same you may like to take a look at these (non QR Code) examples.

September 1, 2011 I have added an image below the other two of David Steinlicht’s entry using canola (or rape seed) for the dark areas and millet for the light areas. David tells me that he attached the seeds one at a time with Elmer’s white glue taking approximately 60 hours to complete the piece.

QR Code crop art exhibitClose up view of QR Code seed art
David Steinlicht's QR Code crop art

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