Giant QR Code Corn Maze

The 13th annual corn maze at Kraay Family Farm in Lacombe, Alberta is even more spectacular than the great designs of previous years. The whole maze covers 15 acres, with three lookout bridges and has a central QR Code cut out that covers 7.121 acres which is approximately 560ft x 560ft. Rachel Kraay tells me that the QR Code does scan from the air and resolves to the Kraay Family Farm website. At well over 300,000 square feet the QR Code is more than 14 times larger than the previous world record set in Toronto in June. If you are anywhere within range pay it a visit because the opportunity to get lost in a world record QR Code does not come along very often! Well done Kraay Family Farm. (30 July 2012 Edit: New video below taken from the helicopter while scanning the code from the air).

Aerial shot of the world record QR Corn maze

6 thoughts on “Giant QR Code Corn Maze”

  1. This is cool… I love farmers… But, this has to be the all time best example of too much attention being placed on the code and not enough on the User Experience. Perhaps an opportunity missed to engage users.

    Philip Warbasse

  2. HA HA! This is awesome! The picture of the field activates the scan code too! Sooo cool. High five to your farm and family for this achievement. My son and his family live at Lacombe, also my niece and her family. Way to go!

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