Food Coop Shelf Talkers Pilot Expanded

Port Townsend Food Coop has expanded its use of QR Code shelf talkers after introducing QR Codes to direct shoppers to informational videos on specific cheeses form Mt. Townsend Creamery. The new products getting the QR Code treatment are Yerba Mate and Small Planet Organic Tofu. The QR Codes resolve to YouTube mobile videos with more details on the product.

QR Code shelf talker for tofu
Yerba Mate QR Code

One thought on “Food Coop Shelf Talkers Pilot Expanded”

  1. Interesting. 25% of the copy space is dedicated to “get your free app” — which gives the impression that it’s a brand app, not a generic QR reader (that will be good for other engagements).

    Someone will download a QR reader app, not see anything related to the brand itself and you have to wonder if they’ll take the next step?

    While I commend the company for taking this approach, if all they are delivering is a video, then a shortcode/keyword that delivers a video via MMS would have been about 1000x more effective and could reach feature phones too.

    Using YouTube mobile videos is pretty tricky stuff. I hope they’re doing it right, but, I’m afraid they’ll alienate a good percentage of smartphone owners by going that route.

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