QR Code Safe Sex Campaign

Even though the QR Code simply links to an app I just had to let you know about this campaign because it’s just so original!

Young people in Stockholm, Sweden are among the worst in Europe at practicing safe sex but Stockholm County Aids Prevention Program and advertising agency Esther came up with a brilliant and fun campaign to promote the use of condoms (video below). At the start of the campaign free condoms were handed out with a QR Code on the packet resolving to a smartphone app download. The app measures and records the rhythm, sound and duration of sexual activity when the smartphone is placed on a bed or somewhere else, like tucked in your sock for example.

The data is uploaded to the campaign site anonymously with additional information selected by the user such as hair color, favorite music, pets etc. Users could then compare their data in the form of a graph with the average for their group. At the same time Esther were placing posters around Stockholm with amusing statistics obtained from the accumulated data, such as ‘dog owners are louder than cat owners’ and ‘glamorous blondes have an average duration of six minutes’.

Results exceeded expectations with 39% of young Stockholmers saying they were more likely to use a condom than before the campaign.

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