College Students Cold-Shoulder QR Codes

Youth marketing agency Archival Youth Marketing have conducted a survey of over 500 students on 24 college campuses across the US to find out what they think about QR Codes. Of the students surveyed 81% owned a smartphone and 80% had previously seen a QR code. 21% of the students successfully scanned a QR Code when shown an example and 75% of the students said they are “Not Likely” to scan a QR code in the future. (The infographic below is reproduced with the express permission of Archival)

Infographic showing what college students know about QR Codes

1 thought on “College Students Cold-Shoulder QR Codes”

  1. Not sure if this makes a difference, but these stats were taken from big schools. 58.1% of students say that they are not likely to scan a QR code, but what if we looked at more schools along the northeast, or california (ivy league schools); would their be a different outcome? Interesting article, but more research can be done.

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