World’s First QR Code Coin

The Royal Dutch Mint have produced a limited edition of QR Coded coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Mint in Utrecht. The silver 5€ (image below) and the gold 10€ will be issued on June 22, 2011 when the Mint promises that if you scan the code “…you will be surprised at what you’ll see”. The code scans as and at the time of writing resolves to the Royal Dutch Mint’s non-mobile site. It will be interesting to see just how scannable the code really is in practice, given that the larger of the two coins is only 33 mm in diameter.

If it is actually possible to design a very low cost, good looking coin with an easily scanned QR Code then I have had an idea! National Mints could put these coins into mass circulation and auction weekly leases on the QR Code redirect. Imagine ads such as – Scan your quarters this week to enter the Pepsi Million Dollar Giveaway contest. Any mint taking up this idea is requested to send me a large quantity of free samples 🙂

Royal Dutch Mint 5 Euro coin with a QR Code.

6 thoughts on “World’s First QR Code Coin”

  1. Brilliant idea, and not a bad looking coin either. I like the way he’s used the 8bit-like style for the rest of the central design for that side.

    I presume you’re going to try and get one? How do you intend to do this, as I’d love to own one too.

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