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2DCertified logoPRINT2D has launched 2DCertified today, a new certification program offering training for using QR Codes and other 2D barcode formats in printed collateral, signage, advertising, apparel, and point-of-sale materials. 2DCertified will be conducted live and via Webinar and participants will receive a manual of standards for correct reproduction of QR Codes and other 2D barcode formats on a variety of printed materials. 2DCertified printers will also receive insurance coverage. By following a concise checklist of production requirements, printers qualify for insurance in the event that the QR Code could not be scanned and the job has to be rerun. The training sessions are due to start in March, 2012 and more information will be available on the PRINT2D website soon.


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  1. Roger,

    Thanks for posting a link to our new certification program for 2D barcodes. In fact, there is more information posted at http://print2d.com now.

    FULL PRESS – http://www.print2d.com/dt/2dcertified_press.shtml

    PROGRAM REGISTRATION – http://www.print2d.com/dt/2dcertified_program.shtml

    Last year PRINT2D received lots of calls from printers that were being dragged into the QR code arena by their clients. Nervous, they would call us for advice and many often pondered who was potentially liable if a code they printed did not scan. Most printers don’t have the ability to pre-flight the codes they receive from their clients. Often, printers will agree to run a job as long as the customer agrees to “hold-harmless” the printer as respects the code.

    I believe there is a better approach, one which can make printers feel comfortable with QR codes as opposed to leery of them. I recruited John Parsons – Ex. managing editor of the Seybold Report and a publicist for PRINT2D on occasion, to create a 2D barcode certification program for printers. We are prepared to launch in March and I think you’ll find the program to be bold and different as we are also offering insurance against print jobs that are unsuccessful – after following our checklist.

    Please review the info and by all means, give us a call to talk more in depth about the benefits of 2DCertified.

    Philip Warbasse

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