QR Code Case Study

The Verizon/ScanLife campaign to promote the wide variety of apps available using DROID devices has seen over 150,000 scans in just over 3 months. QR Codes were placed throughout an integrated campaign which included print ads, in-store displays, direct mail, websites, and even iPad ads. Interestingly, voluntary sampling of approximately 20,000 users shows the technology is used across a wide range of age groups and income levels. You can read the full case study here (pdf).

QR Coded DROID ads

7 thoughts on “QR Code Case Study”

  1. Hi Roger (the other),

    Seeing your post and the PDF, I quickly estimated what one QR-Ad (in second position) at qrcode.kaywa.com could have added to this campaign.

    The results are quite interesting. In three months our QR-Ad makes:
    – 18’620 clicks
    – 7230 Scans

    This is a whopping 17.23% (of 150’000) Clicks and Scans combined, Scans only still a 4.82%.

    Quite spectacular I find.

  2. I also wanted to add that it is really cool that Scanlife finally also got on the QR Code bandwagon, especially as Android is now well positioned as QR Code device.

    And the 150’000 scans in three months reflect very well the growing importance of QR Codes in the US.

    Our own findings corroborate heavily with the study – age group 20-40 makes 3/4 of all people scanning, high income, higher education by now (I hope that will soon change ;).

  3. @patrick

    Currently we have about 610’000-650’000 Page Impressions per month on qrcode.kaywa.com, so for 3 months it’s getting near the 2 Mio Mark. (In January 2010 we were at 450’000 PI’s)

    For clicks it is roughly 1% CTR and for scans 0.38%.

    Scans+Clicks Trough Rate together: 1.38%

  4. Interesting to see how T-Mobile are doing this as well with one of their devices (it’s device specific, not carrier wide). Not with Scanlife though.

    It’s a bit anachronistic isn’t it? Instead of having a successful “app store” you revert to Print and Scan?

    If Android devices had a truly successful App Store (as iPhones does), would these kind of campaigns exist? They have to be really costly in comparison?

    Just wondering?

  5. Not sure I really know what I am talking about as a new Android (HTC Desire) user with T-Mobile, but I did find the ScanLife app and it works perfectly with Kaywa QR-Code generator.

    Now using this on one of my websites to download podcasts http://ow.ly/2ne5k

    Kaywa is so much better than BeeTagg despite their claims that they are compatible with so many mobile devices, even though HTC didn’t appear on the Kaywa site, it works and that is good enough for me.

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