Real QR Code Campaign Stats Published

QR Code campaign statistics are thin on the ground but Jeff Gottschalk of GottyCode has provided some interesting numbers for us to look at. NutriSource, a Minnesota pet food company started to place QR Codes on POS, products and advertisements over one year ago. The incentive to scan was a chance to win a free bag of dog food or a guaranteed $1 off coupon. All the user had to do was scan the code, visit the mobile site and enter their name and email address. To date there have been 15,669 unique visitors of which 14,494 entered their name and email address, a 92.5% conversion rate (images below).

Statistics from the NutriSource QR Code campaign
Email list building from the NutriSource QR Code campaign
Screenshots from the NutriSource QR Code campaign mobile website

1 thought on “Real QR Code Campaign Stats Published”

  1. What about video views? Wouldn’t that have been the best metric for customer engagement, to get people to “Know Your Source”?

    Or perhaps, the only reason people scanned the code at all was for free product. Making me wonder how much value they’re going to get out of those email addresses.

    Thanks for the metrics!

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