What Makes Your QR Code Offer Special?

It is almost two years since I proposed the three rules of QR Codes but you don’t have to look very far to see that some companies are still unaware of these very simple guidelines. It’s the third rule that seems to be ignored most often and advertisers are consistently failing to make the resolved content valuable. If someone has taken the time and made the effort to scan your QR Code the very least you can do is offer a reward. Marketers know that providing a superior user experience at every point of contact builds brand loyalty and ultimately adds to the bottom line, QR Codes are no exception! Before embarking on your QR Code campaign ask yourself ‘what makes your offer to the scanner special’. If the honest answer is ‘nothing’ then your campaign will be ineffective and may even be detrimental to your brand. The cartoon below is reproduced with the express permission of Tom Fishburne.

QR Code cartoon

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