Musical Bus Shelter QR Code

Screenshot of the app track selectionHere is an interesting use of QR Codes, in a bus shelter outside Wynyard Station in Sydney, Australia. The bus shelter is fitted with stereo speakers that play tracks selected by the public via a QR Code. This NRMA Insurance campaign is designed to show that unlike other car insurance companies NRMA cover extras such as custom sound systems. The QR Code resolves to a ‘like’ the NRMA Insurance Facebook page to download an app and pick a track to play live in the bus shelter. There is no geolocation I tried it and although I am 10,000 miles away Hip hop artist Hard Hitta is now belting out at the Sydney bus stop as I write….!

Two things occur to me about this campaign, why not use geolocation to localize the experience and are bus passengers the right target group?

A QR Coded bus shelter that plays music selected by the public
Closeup of the QR Code poster in the bus shelter

2 thoughts on “Musical Bus Shelter QR Code”

  1. Nice idea! To adress the right target group the installation with stereo speakers would better be placed in the area of a car wash or motorway restaurant. I also have concerns about vandalism.

  2. Nice idea but why bother with the speakers. Download it to the phone and away you go. We have been doing this for a year now 😉

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