World’s First QR Code Made From Rubik’s Cubes

We have seen QR Codes on Rubik’s Cubes before but to promote their new game Meta Assassins startup Ape.IO have constructed the world’s first QR Code made from Rubik’s Cubes. The QR Code resolves to and this new experimental online social game appears from the press release to be really interesting and innovative. Due to be launched on 18 Feb, 2011 I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a lot more about this game. I like the fact that exactly 49 Rubik’s Cubes will make a perfect 21 x 21 module QR Code. The next size up to do that would be 33 x 33 modules requiring 121 cubes. Wired’s Erik Malinowski posted these images on twitpic.

Rubik's Cubes in the form of a QR CodeAnother view of the QR Code

3 thoughts on “World’s First QR Code Made From Rubik’s Cubes”

  1. I tried reading it with:
    1. QRdeCODE
    2. AR app
    3. Optiscan
    4. i-nigma
    5. QuickMark
    6. RedLaser, and
    7. ShopSavvy

    Only quickMark was able to read it but the web site specified by the url didn’t work.

  2. Qrafter & Neoscan both work on the pic here, can’t find the Twitpic link so not sure if it’s better or worse.

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