Some QR Codes Are Not Meant To Be Successfully Scanned

The world’s largest Internet betting exchange Betfair is to place QR Codes on the bottoms of Britain’s female beach volleyball champions (image below). The QR Codes will be on display at this week’s test London 2012 Olympic beach volleyball tournament at Horse Guards Parade. What are the odds that these will become some of the most viewed QR Codes in the world, with the lowest ever successful scanning rate!

Bikini bottoms with QR Code advertising

The QR Code that will be used:

Betfar QR Code

2 thoughts on “Some QR Codes Are Not Meant To Be Successfully Scanned”

  1. It’s an odd UX.

    I’ve never heard of Betfair, but I was not expecting this scan to go to a gambling sign up website (with no pictures ). Talk about a big change in expectations. I assumed I would be getting something in relation to the girls or the sport, not about global gambling portfolios and a form to fill out.

    Patrick Donnelly.

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